Looking toward 2008 -- An invitation to participate
If you have received this message more that once, we apologize. We are sending it to our several lists, and there is some overlap.

December 2007

Dear List Members and Other Friends,

A new friend, who had just received a supply of our booklets and stickers to distribute at her school, asked, "How can your organization afford to keep sending all this material free of charge?" A honest answer would have been: "Just barely." I didn't say that to her, but I'm saying it now.

The demand for our free KIDS' SAFE ZONE stickers has been escalating steadily. We order them in print runs of 50,000 stickers, and I've lost track of how many times we've reordered since we brought out the sticker. Same thing applies to "Plain Talk About Spanking." As more readers discover it, more requests come in, and we struggle to maintain stock. We print 10,000 booklets at a time -- a quantity that until recently lasted about 6 months. Now, 5 months and dwindling. If you are unfamiliar with either the sticker or the booklet, you can see them online respectively at www.nospank.net/ksz.htm and www.nospank.net/pt2008.htm and you'll find instructions there for ordering.

As 2007, our busiest year, draws to a close, I sense our campaign is approaching the tipping point. More people are heeding the message that fundamental human rights' guarantees should apply equally to children. That means: NO assault and battery; NO torture disguised as discipline; NO sexual battery; NO incarceration without due process. Every day, new voices join the demand for reform, and more people read, copy and link to our Web pages at www.nospank.net . And every day we carry a bigger load to the post office.

Meanwhile, the don't-spare-the-rod gang is digging in. Their protests are becoming more shrill as they find themselves increasingly marginalized. Our response, as always, is to shine a bright light into the dark corners where they are holed up.

In 2008, our costs for printing and postage will far surpass those costs in any previous year. That's why I am reminding you now that this is the perfect time to send your tax-deductible donation. Any amount you are comfortable with, small or large, will help. Since we are an all-volunteer group, you can rest assured that 100% of your gift will be applied to doing the job described above. Please send your check payable to PTAVE to the address below. Or if you prefer, use the PayPal link that follows this letter.

Thank you! And remember, when you need booklets and stickers, don't hesitate to ask. Always keep them handy so that when the need/opportunity arises, you're prepared.

Have a joyous holiday season and a productive and fulfilling 2008.

Jordan Riak, Exec. Dir, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education(PTAVE), P.O. Box 1033, Alamo, CA 94507 US

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