A letter from Angela in Mississippi
April 18, 2003
Hi! My name is Angela and I'm from Mississippi. As you probably know, Corporal Punishment is very much ALIVE in our School System. I'm an adult who endured it as a child. In 1979, I got paddled at least once a week.The teachers also Verbally abused me as well. I live in Stone County. I have one Child at Stone Elementary and two children at Stone Middle School. Though I do not allow the Teachers or Principals to Paddle my kids, They still suffer VERBAL abuse from the teachers and principals.I have Mental illness and Staff at both schools know that. When I protest about the verbal abuse, I get told if I don't quit "MOUTHING OFF", they will have me arrested!! I get no respect from anyone at the schools. Anytime I write the Teacher a letter about the way She treats My child, The teacher YELLS at my CHILD about the letter I wrote!! Every time I go to pick up my kids from School, I hear the teachers YELLING at Students. I really wish something could be done about this.


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