Personal Advice for Parents by Email

Because parents have the hardest job, a little help from time to time on tough issues or problems can be a great relief. Here are two wonderfully equipped professionals and moms to reply by email to your parenting questions.

Cindy Bradbury will answer your questions online. She is a 44-year-old wife and mother of three children--two sons and a daughter ranging in age from 8 to 21--with whom she has an excellent relationship. Moreover, she has taught pre-school, provided home daycare, and worked as an after-school care director. Cindy is especially good at helping parents treat their children gently, respectfully, and as individuals. She is also adept at looking for signs that we as parents may not be modeling what we wish to teach. Her philosophy is that our children are watching us every minute, and therefore it is up to us to show how we want them to behave. Email your question to Cindy at .

Dr. Teresa Whitehurst will also answer your questions online. As a clinical psychologist, she has years of experience working with families and groups, developing curricula and testing programs for highly sensitive children and their families, writing articles and books, and doing research at Harvard. She is a mom of two daughters, now 27 and 15. Teresa felt compelled to put her experience and knowledge into her latest book, How Would Jesus Raise a Child? (available at Dr. Whitehurst has fielded parents' calls on numerous radio and television appearances. She invites you to email your parenting questions to .

DISCLAIMER: Advice offered through this Web site is not intended as a substitute for, or equivalent to, medical or psychological diagnosis, treatment, therapy or counseling. Persons seeking or requiring such services should consult in person with a qualified healthcare provider.

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