Daria's letter to Rev. Jesse Jackson
January 12, 2009

(Surnames redacted. Otherwise unedited.)

Dear Rev.Jesse Jackson
My name Daria A____' W_____ i'm 11 years old.I weigh 110 pounds. The day my mom told Mr.B_____ he could give me pop's* from that day only,from that day forward he has been giving me pop's.She said that don't you have to sign a paper to get pop's and he said it is a gensent the law to sign a paper.I spent the night at my cuz house and i had got in troble the day before that day and i got pop;s that morrning i got pop's with mr.b_____,mr.b______ in the room with my hands on the desk and a book in front of my eyes and i got 3 pop's. I was in the restroom after and me and my friend got pop's and i was hurt above my back and it burned .She had the same problem as me and the teacher in thw hall way said it will be okay .I'm Scared at night that a man will come in the room and beat me because didn't any one do any thing about what was wrong with me so i cry we my mom leave to gto out to the club my grandpa and grandma be here and my aunt sometimes i would have to go sleep with here at night time i wish that you could please help me .I don't think that is right that are parents can't even hit us with there hands but and man can hit us with a 2in thick padle i dont think that is right and i know when they go home and come back to school i know they forget things sometimes i know thye do i get wrote up for not wearing my belt or not wearing my tag i think people can;t forget something at all with out get sent to the office this is all i have to say and even more.I was wearing pants with huge botton,and he hit me and it hurt because of the botton.When i left he just sent me back to class.There are many other girls thta got pop's.She is my best friend she got pop's because she didn't want to go to saturday school but her mom didn't say she could get pop's or her mom didn't sign a papper that she could get pop's.The principal weigh like 280 and he was like 53 and the other weighed lik 123 and his age was 28 i think he goes out with the lady at our school.This is crazy that my cuz was about to get pop's because the teacher said she ask like she don't know how to do her work.The girl's has one paddle and the boy's got another.There is a boy that had paper in his back pocket and the principal said he had to get 3 more pop's.The other girl's name is kiara gray 13 african american 60 pounds because she didn't want to go to saturday school.the kids could not see through the door.mostly white.The two me hieght were like 6ft mr.b_____,5ft mr.b______.

*"Pops" is the standard term in Texas for battering a student's buttocks.

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