We're shining light on corporal punishment
Peggy Dean's letter to the editor
Charlotte Observer, August 22, 2004

We're shining light on corporal punishment I would like to inform the parents of Union County Public School students about a newly published policy in the student code of conduct.

I was shocked to consult my children's agendas and find a corporal punishment policy as a part of the student code of conduct. I have lived here five years, and have never seen this in writing. The policy does not define corporal punishment, the method to be used, nor does it mandate parental consent prior to this being inflicted on a student.

This policy was updated in April 2004.

A concerned group of parents has requested to be placed on the school board's agenda to address this policy.

Specifically, 27 states have abolished corporal punishment in schools. More than half the students in North Carolina live in districts that have abolished this in schools.

There are active attempts on a state level to get rid of this in our schools. I would like to see the fastest-growing county in North Carolina get informed about this.

Over 40 major national organizations including the American Medical Association, National Association of State School Boards, and the National Association of Elementary School Principals have taken the stance in favor of abolishing corporal punishment.

I just thought that the parents in this school system should be aware of this policy, and the attempts that are being made to abolish it.

Peggy Dean
Waxhaw, North Carolina

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