A letter to Dr. William C. Harrison, Superintendent, Cumberland County Schools, North Carolina
From Peggy Dean, March 30, 2006

Dear Dr. Harrison:

My name is Peggy Dean and I am on the Board of Directors for a national organization called Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education. I read an article online this morning about a bus driver in your school system who assaulted a disabled child. When I saw how appropriately this situation was handled, I was certain that your county did not use corporal punishment. A bit of research showed that not only is it prohibited, you are also sponsoring an event in honor of child abuse prevention for April. That is incredible, and speaks volumes for your district.

As a parent of four children in Union County, let me be the first to let you know that this is not how things are done statewide. I live in a county that paddles more IDEA students than any other county in North Carolina or South Carolina. Union County has not complied with the state statute that requires that students and parents be made aware, in writing, of the types of misconduct that could lead to the use of corporal punishment. How much simpler and better for all involved when the direction is clear from the top, and the fact that your district is able to maintain order without hitting children shows that it can be done.

Would you mind sharing some of your success strategies, and let me know how it is going for the district without the use of corporal punishment? When was is banned? Twenty nine states have banned its use, it must be possible.

I would be proud to add your name to the petition being circulated in the state in an effort to "Ban Corporal Punishment in North Carolina Schools". The link to this petition is in my signature below. Please feel free to forward this email to any of your friends and colleagues. Just a piece of information for you, one of the children whose bruised buttocks is shown on the petition link is from North Carolina. His injuries occurred at Rowland Middle School in Robeson County on September 12, 2005. The teacher is still employed.

Thank you again for being a shining district in our state.


Peggy Dean, RN
Member, Board of Directors, PTAVE
Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education

Campaign to End Corporal Punishment in North Carolina Schools www.nospank.net/bancp-nc.htm


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