The results of beating in childhood
Excerpt from The Challenge of Parenthood, Rudolf Dreikurs, 1958, Page 138

...Every person who was beaten as a child shows the marks of the blows in his character. The typical result of the whipping in childhood is either the servile, timorous individual, who usually is at one and the same time cringing and crafty, or the arrogant and objectionably self-assured person. Almost everyone who was beaten in his childhood has a tendency toward brutality. He may become a very capable person; his hardness and harshness may make him particularly well fitted for success in business or some profession. But he is wanting in genuine gentleness, warmth, and the capacity for intimate contacts. It is not that he is incapable of deeper feelings, but he cannot rid himself of distrust. Basically he may always fear a recurrence of the humiliations and abasements that he experienced as a child, and as a result he comes across as callous and unfeeling...


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