Woman recalls abusive school spankings on message board, gets skeptical response
freerepublic.com, May 18, 2007 (original thread located here)

To: SampleMan

I was spanked at school as late as 15. I have no doubt that the teacher got some sort of sexual thrill out of it as he was known (among the students) as only spanking girls and for pulling up our skirts. No, I never told my parents because I was afraid that they would be more concerned over my being bad and would get another spanking at home. At the time I was a sophomore in high school and I talked my parents into allowing me to go to the public high school, which I loved. Unfortunately, we moved cross-country 6 months later and I was back in a Christian school again, but at least I avoided spankings as a junior and senior in high school.

Sexual thrill? I have no doubt about that.

22 posted on Fri May 18 07:13:09 2007 by SoftballMominVA

To: SoftballMominVA

So spanking my six-year-old makes me a pedophile in your book? Great, I'll add you to the list of people that want to raise my children.

I hope you've been able to stay in the upstanding public school system, where the removal of the threat of corporal punishment has created a utopia of civilized behavior.

25 posted on Fri May 18 12:04:44 2007 by SampleMan

To: SampleMan

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that just because you don't get a sexual thrill from spanking your six-year-old doesn't mean a male teacher wouldn't get a thrill from spanking 15-year-old girls (especially with their skirts lifted).

Sorry you had to experience that, SoftballMom, that really sucks.

27 posted on Fri May 18 12:32:15 2007 by Tom87

To: SampleMan

How about spanking someone else's 15 year old with her dress pulled up and sometimes her underwear pulled down? Would that make that person a pedophile? How about spanking a 15 year old girl across the lap with her dress pulled up - in front of her classmates - what would you consider that person to be? What about pulling down the panties of an 8 year old and putting her across the lap and spanking her over and over with a bare hand? What about that? Those are just 3 of the mortifying incidents I endured at a variety of schools.

This is far far from spanking your own 6 year old for being naughty.

28 posted on Fri May 18 13:24:19 2007 by SoftballMominVA

To: SampleMan

Out of curiosity, what would you do if another man pulled down the panties of your child and spanked her across his lap with his bare hand? and this man was her teacher, at a private Christian school? and your daughter came home with blistered handprints on her bottom, which she hid for you and your wife because she was afraid of being spanked again? Would you think that man had your child's best interests at heart? Would you think he spanked her with nothing but pure intentions? How would you feel when you found out years later, that she hid that information from you because she was afraid, and that man was allowed to teach for more than 20 more years, doing the same to other little girls?

I can't tell you the name of the school because I don't remember it - but it was at a church/school about 1 mile from the Lakewood Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia. I was 8.

30 posted on Fri May 18 13:30:51 2007 by SoftballMominVA

To: SoftballMominVA

What you describe is clearly wrong, and yes I've got big issues with it.

I took exception to the automatic linking of spanking with sexual perversity. Corporal punishment is not a de facto fetish.

Given your experience, which is heinous, I don't blame you for being hypersensitive.

31 posted on Fri May 18 14:24:40 2007 by SampleMan


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