Letter of Dr. Kaye Manson Jeter,
Legal Counsel, Tennessee Department of Education,
to Jordan Riak

April 16, 2002

I have been asked to respond to your recent email to the commissioner which had attached the pictures of children alledgedly spanked in school. As you may very well know there is no law or rule that would allow a child to be physically hurt at school or at home. In fact the law clearly states that anyone who comes in contact with a child that has been abused must, I repeat must report it to the authorities. Therefore, I hereby request the names and location of these children and intend on behalf of the state of Tennessee to report this abuse to the proper authorities. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours I will alert the authorities to take action against you.

If you have this type of information and you do nothing with it then to send it to others to incite them to be against corporal punishment you may be guilty yourself of violating the law. I am also sending this email to the TBI to see if any other laws have been violated by this communication.

Dr. Kaye Manson Jeter
Legal Counsel
Tennessee Department of Education
312 8th Avenue North
William Snodgrass Building 26th floor
Nashville, TN37243
e-mail: Kaye.Jeter@state.tn.us (note new address in your book)
Phone: 615-741-2921
Fax: 615-532-3386


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