Schoolchildren forced to clean urine from bathroom floor

Letter to Project NoSpank, October 15, 2002
I am a mother of one of the 8 year old (3rd grade) boys that was forced by his teacher to clean up urine off a public school bathroom floor. These young children were not given any proper protection, direction, or cleaning materials. I have been to the local district office as well as to the state dept. of education, and Dept. of Children and Family. Each of them will not take responsibility and state that this is either out of their jurisdiction or that it is a local matter. Do you have any advise or direction that I should go in. In my heart I know, that these children have been placed in a life threatening situation. But all of the powers to be seem to all be protecting each other. They have now put some policies in place so that supposedly this will not happen again, but no one has been held accountable for the actions of the teacher. Since I filed a complaint with the state, I have now been banned, by the principle to substitute teach at the school. (retaliation) Which is also another violation of the Code of Ethics. I have had to take my children out of that school and transport them to another one. The only people that have been punished for the teachers actions were my children and me.

Thanks for your help,
J. S.

Reply to J.S., October 15, 2002
Dear J.,
Can you give me more details? State? School district? Name of school? Name and addresses of the district and state superintendents of education? I will try to find out who's responsible and if the State Dept. of Education makes light of such behavior. Meanwhile, see "Abuse in Schools is Out!" The HTML version is at and the PDF version (for good-looking prints for distribution at the next school board and parents' association meetings you attend and to hand out to newspaper reporters you will talk to) at


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