The sticker business, January 11, 2008

We welcome every opportunity to deliver the no-hitting-kids message. Well, almost every opportunity. I'll explain.

We've become aware that a freebie Web site has posted a notice showing a photo of a 500-sticker roll of our KIDS' SAFE ZONE stickers. They did this without consulting us. Unfortunately, that has created the false impression that we can supply individuals with large quantities of free stickers. We wish we could. If we tried to send everyone what they asked for, we'd be out of stickers fast. A small handful of people would have a lifetime+ supply, and a great many people would have none.

So, here's the compromise.

We are currently responding to all requests by sending just a few stickers and a copy of our booklet, "Plain Talk About Spanking." We're including the booklet because we assume that anyone who wants the sticker will also want the booklet.

For folks who must have stickers in quantity, we suggest the following. They can freely print them from the PDF we've created for the purpose. Avery Sticker Project Paper #3383 works well for this purpose, and there are others. Page 1 of our PDF yields an 8.5" by 11" notice -- perfect for classroom, pediatric waiting room, public play ground and any other place where children and their caretakers congregate. Page 2 yields six 3" by 4" stickers. All one needs to do is load the printer with sticker stock, click on and print away.

For folks who don't want to bother printing their own, we'll supply them if they make a donation that covers our costs. That's $40 for a 500-sticker roll plus postage. $8 for 100 stickers. A roll weighs 2 1/2 lbs. The postage to send one anywhere in the US via Library Mail is about $5. To Uzbekistan, $27.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jordan Riak, Exec. Dir., Parents and Teachers Against Violence in
Education (PTAVE); Web site: "Project NoSpank" at; PTAVE, P.O. Box 1033,
Alamo, CA 94507 US; Tel: 925-831-1661; FAX: 925-838-8914


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