In praise of spanking
Susan Lawrence's response to a defender of spanking
August 18, 2006

Dear Mr. B______,

I truly appreciate your conclusion that children these days are out-of-control and need a good spanking now and then. To neglect to spank them when they truly need it, is in short, neglect pure and simple.

Wives, too, are out-of-control these days, talking back to husbands and not being submissive. You can see this clearly in the high levels of divorce these days, and married women saying and doing all kinds of things that just weren't tolerated in the good old days when husbands could give them a slap now and then when they needed it. Not beating them, no, just a little tap to show them who's boss. The world would be better off if those people complaining about so-called "domestic violence" would acknowledge the obvious, that a little slap keeps order and respect in society and the home.

I also advocate a return to whipping prisoners. Talk about out-of-control, the prisons are overflowing these days! It's shameful and downright expensive. Just stick them in the stocks and give them a good lashing. It would save lots of money and cut down on recidivism. All those whiners pleading for "human rights" should read what it says in the Old Testament, and go back to whipping and stoning. It's just not right that prisoners are coddled these days. They're big enough to take a few whacks for their own good. As you say, send them a message and punish them right away. Who needs judges and juries? Just let the cops or any bystander pull off their belt and whip them on the spot.

Enough said.

Have a great day,

Susan Lawrence
Director, Stop the Rod
Board of Directors, Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education
Board of Advisors, EPOCH-USA

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