Step Up to Prevent Hitting -- Norm Lee's Resolution, 2002

I RESOLVE to continue to work to free children from the tyranny of physical punishment, however, wherever, or for whatever "justification" it is inflicted, and by whoever's hands, whether parents, school officials, or other bullies.

I do this because I believe this is the most important contribution I can make toward reducing and preventing violence, hatred, and crime in my community, and thus to increase the happiness of all.

Accordingly and by extension, I resolve, wherever (in public) I see a child being spanked, slapped, shaken or subject to any other physical or emotional violence, I will interrupt and interfere - on the spot - without regard for the consequences to myself.

My conviction is that no one deserves to be hit, that no one has a right to strike a child, and that children are not the property of parents, schoolmasters, or the State, but are younger citizens of this community. I consider it my civic and moral duty to prevent their being harmed.

I invite every adult citizen to join me in this resolve, and to let me know you are similarly committed to taking this non-violent action: - Norm Lee

Signatories as of February 26, 2002

See current status of Step Up to Prevent Hitting at Norm's Web site, Parenting Without Punishing.


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