Letter writing campaign

The idea of writing to newspapers and magazines about certain people writing for them seems to be of interest to many. I think we can be effective if we concentrate on one figure at a time for the reason that it makes a splash. It seems that John Rosemond is up for that pleasure. Let us know if you have written a letter to one of his publishing bodies, and I'll post the count.

Here are a few guidelines I would use:

1) Stress that you are all for discipline just not hitting to instill it. In fact you believe that children learn limits and respect and the ability to make good choices in life better if not hit.

2) I think it is a waste of time to play around with Old Testament words to get them to mean guidance and caring. They probably meant hitting. The example and main themes of Jesus' teaching and other teachers is the best direction to advocate.

Here is information from Paula Intravaia about John Rosemond:
January 2003

Dear Al,

I received a call today from the San Diego Union -Tribune letting me know that my letter concerning John Rosemond will be printed in this Saturday's Family section, where they run his advice column. Concerned parents from other areas can read Rosemond's latest column at his website www.rosemond.com and may then write to the S.D. Union-Tribune if so inclined. The editor let me know that she agrees with my letter, although she sometimes agrees with some of Rosemond's advice. She went on to say that she was hoping my comments would "spark some dialogue," especially since the majority of Rosemond-related letters they receive are favorable to him. Here is the contact for the S.D. U-T: email to letters@uniontrib.com

letters must include a daytime phone number(which will not be printed)

I think becoming more active and focused is especially timely in light of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s upcoming birthday...a man who insisted on nonviolence.

Thank you again for your swift attention, excellent advice, and links to thought-provoking articles. Sincerely,

Paula Intravaia

January 2003

Dear Al,

Thank you for the positive response to my letter to the editor re: John Rosemond, and your enthusiasm for letter writing campaigns to combat negative parenting tactics.

In my research on Rosemond I found two websites that included direct rebuttals to his advice. The first is www.famucon.com/pt/pt_rosemond.html where a licensed family therapist has taken to writing to her local paper to counter Rosemond's poor advice. The second is at the Center for Behavioral Sciences where W. Joseph Wyatt has posted a summary of a 'dispute' between himself and Rosemond, and Rosemond's denial tactics. Rosemond believes in the "efficacy of spanking" and is an advocate of punishing bad behavior and eschewing reinforcement of good behavior. attached is Rosemond's "Bill of Rights." I hope this helps in understanding his views. I would put him in league with Dobson.


Paula Intravaia

One such letter:

Dear Editor,

My best friend moved to San Diego and forwards me columns from time to time. I have come to seriously question the use of John Rosemond as your parenting advice giver. While his advice pushes for strong parenting, which I agree with, it pushes the limits and falls over the side to authoritarian and harsh parenting.

The state of California hands out free to all expectant parents who ask, a parenting kit that is excellent. It is a shame that the advice in this fine kit put out by the university of California which says more than once, "Do not hit your child," is so at odds with Rosemond's very outdated advice. Get rid of him for the good of your community.

I am a family therapist in Northern California, well read in parenting literature, and I urge you to find a more compatible parenting advice giver.

Al Crowell (415) 647-7265

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