Don't carry books that promote child abuse!
By Milli Hill, Somerset, UK, 2011

MILLI HILL is a mother, dramatherapist and writer based in rural Somerset, UK. As a therapist she has extensive experience of working with both adults and children who have experienced all forms of abuse. She is currently a full time parent to two girls aged 3 and 1, and writes a blog about motherhood at The Mule. It was via this blog that she began her campaign to ask Amazon not to stock books which advocate the physical abuse of children. Through this campaign and the related petition, she also hopes to draw the world's attention to the broader issue of corporal punishment of children.
Why This Is Important
Currently there are several books available to buy on Amazon (both .com and that advocate, endorse and advise on parenting methods that involve the physical abuse of children. Examples of titles include To Train Up A Child, by Michael and Debi Pearl; Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp; and Don't Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman.

Such books, and others like them, promote behaviour which is abusive of children. All of the above books advocate the use of a rod and other implements on children under one.

Such behaviour is abusive to children, and it is also 'offensive', which is contrary to Amazon's Content Guidelines.

It may well also be illegal, as it seems to go far beyond the 'reasonable chastisement' currently sanctioned by law in the UK, (where this petition originated) and in many US States. Not only is beating on a regular basis with a rod likely to leave a mark, which is illegal in the UK, it is also likely to amount to inhuman or degrading treatment, which is a breach of human rights.

We wish Amazon to urgently review their decision to stock any book or other product which advises the physical abuse of children.

Why People Are Signing
Petition signatory Kelly Young – one of many! – writes this to Amazon: "Hana Grace Rose Williams died May 12, 2011. She was only 13 years old, and her adoptive parents beat her with plumbing line, locked her in the closet for days on end, forced her to live outside, and starved her until, in her weakened condition, she succumbed to hypothermia in her own back yard in Sedro-Woolley, WA after being put outside in the cold rain. Her parents were followers of the Pearls book, "To Train Up a Child". This book is dangerous in the hands of twisted and sick people. I am imploring you to please remove this book from your inventory. Thank you."

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