(Herman Thomas verdict notwithstanding)

January 2010

PTAVE is proud to announce its first full-page advertisement in a major city newspaper. The ad will appear in the January 13th print edition of The Lagniappe in Mobile, Alabama ( and may be previewed at (printer-friendly version at

We are hopeful that its pointed discussion of the Herman Thomas case (which is ranked #2 in a list of top local news stories of 2009 by the daily Mobile Press-Register), along with its invitation to Project NoSpank, will serve to spark discussion and educate thousands of people in one of the most pro-corporal punishment states in the union.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed generously toward the cost of placing this advertisement! We would also like to remind others who planned to help support this project that total donations received thus far don't cover the cost. Your modest gift at this time will help defray the shortfall absorbed by board member Tom Johnson. To make your donation, please go to this page: Remember to earmark your gift, "Mobile project."

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