Two letters from a desperate mom
March 13 and 22, 2007

March 22, 2007

The following letters are shown exactly as received except that the name of the facility where the child is being held and the mother's telephone number have been redacted. In my conversation with the mother, I asked for details about her son's broken arm and other injuries. She said he told her that he broke it when he fell down. She further explained that a staff member was present throughout the visit, and that her son seemed frightened and unwilling to discuss details of his life at the camp.

J. Riak

March 13, 2007

my son at _______________ needs help my son was on probation for taking a skateboard and a skateboard ramp .im a single mother his probation said it would be best to send him to boot camp for 4 months so he could learn his lessen they pretty much didnt give me a say in it,so i told my son just be good and you will get out of there,he got beat up the first week he was there,they took me to court for4000 a month child suport but the medical card paid any ways ,4 months later they told my son he coulndnt go home because the started a longer program,he broke his arm in a couple places they said he had anger problems ,but he never had them before ,i went to see him at christmas and he had to black eyes and a big gash on his leg they send me monthly reports and probation but theres so many lies in theme,for instance they said he was not on any medactions but my son said they give him addarell rx .my son called my sister and she didnt even reconize him she said he sounded like he was a man in prison she didnt even know her own nefew on the son ran away from there ,and they caught him six hours later he almost got frost bite it was two degrees out that night,they took him to the police station and now he might get an escape charge,they said he ,he said he misssed his family but he told me that he didnt feel safe.i felt something was wrong here but they just keep saying my sons a punk,theres so much more,i live about 5 hours away from where he at and i dont have a car i went to see him for christmas and when i look at the christmas pictures of my son and his other sibblings it makes me sick to see him beat up like that,he has a review hearing tomorrow and i hope this i can get him out of there.

March 22, 2007

the spelling is just terible,im looking on the web and i see that ,im trying to do some research and im not very good at it ,i just wanna help my child ,im not very good at the internet or for that fact grammar,anyways it made me cry ,that someone would take intrest in my son and his circumstances,and put it it on the web and all,even if i didnt sound to great,anyways my sons stills in that bootcamp ,i guesse theres so much to say i dont think i could write it but thank you and GOD bless if you wanna call with real help my number is __________ thank you ronda




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