Inspector denies slapping WPC
By Lloyd Watson, The Times (UK)
September 8th, 1981

An inspector at the Metropolitan Police Training Centre, Hendon, appeared in court yesterday accused of indecently assaulting a woman police constable by slapping her bare bottom.

WPC Susan Ann Jarvis told Acton Crown Court, west London that Inspector David Henley, aged 38, invited her into a locker room and said she must "bend over or resign".

Insp. Henley, of Wood Lodge Lane, West Wickham, Kent, who was suspended from duty after the allegations were made a year ago denied the offence.

Mr David Evans, for the prosecution, said WPC Jarvis, of Cecil Road, Acton, was doing extra duties at the time of the alleged offence because she had been rude to a sergeant who reprimanded her for being late back from a cross-country run.

On the final evening of her punishment Insp. Henley, a policeman for 20 years, offered her a whisky, she said.

She accepted, they chatted about her examination papers and he invited her into a locker room, the court heard.

"He asked me how much I wanted my job. I said 'a lot' and he said: 'Then you have two choices, bend over or resign.'" she said.

"I decided to bend over. He lifted my skirt up, pulled my pants and tights down and fondled my behind ".

Then he slapped her hard on both buttocks and turned and 1eft the room, she said.

Insp. Henley told the court: "I did not touch her. My career would be ended. I would be finished "

He said he had never seen WPC Jarvis before that day but discussed her recent class papers, one of which was about indecent assault. He told her she would not have passed her examinations.

Insp. Henley said that as the sergeant with whom he had been having a drink put on his coat to leave, he told WPC Jarvis that her late turn was finished. Then he went down the corridor and into his office.

The hearing continues today.


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