Jail Spanking Probe
By Janice Burns, Daily Record (Glasgow),

April 11, 2003

A PRISON officer is being investigated over claims he spanked a woman inmate for sexual kicks.

John Hood is alleged to have lifted the prisoner on to a pool table and smacked her four times on the bottom. The father-of-two is also accused of tampering with the woman's underwear on her washing line.

Hood has been moved out of the female wing at Greenock Prison while jail chiefs investigate. They launched a probe after prison officers reported Hood's "inappropriate behaviour".

A prison insider said: "Witnesses are being interviewed about the alleged spanking incident and Hood could be in big trouble if the allegations stick.

"Every prison officer who worked with Hood is being quizzed about his recent behaviour towards young female cons.

"The claim is that he pushed this girl on to the pool table in the female wing and spanked her behind several times.

"I don't think the girl took it as a joke and neither did the other officers who were with him.

"She didn't report it because she is scared of being labelled a grass.

"It was reported to the governor by other officers, who felt what he is accused of was inappropriate and of a sexual nature."

The source said it was also alleged that Hood had sneaked into the inmate's cell and tampered with her underwear as a sick prank.

He added: "Hood has been with the Prison Service for more than 15 years and was promoted to residential supervisor a few years ago.

"He is now working in the office, sorting out things like court dates and escorts."

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