Slap-happy doctor spanked teenage girl
Hayley Seeney
Townsville Bulletin (Queensland),
August 14, 2004

ONE of North Queensland's leading stinger researchers has been ordered to pay $450 in fines after pleading guilty to sexual assault in a Mackay court this week. <p> Dr Peter Fenner, who was Surf Life Saving Australia's national and state medical officer, admitted he spanked a female employee at his surgery in late May. <p> No conviction was recorded against Fenner. <p> The court heard the 57-year-old doctor spanked a 17-year-old female employee at the Mackay Family Medicine centre on May 22. <p> The incident occurred when the teenager made a mistake with some paperwork and Fenner asked her to bend over some office equipment and spanked her a number of times. <p> A SLSA spokeswoman said Fenner voluntarily stood down from his position as national and state medical officer when the charges were laid earlier this year. <p> She said his standing in SLSA depended on the outcome of the court case and SLSA would not comment further until the organisation received a formal notification of the court outcome. <p> It is believed Fenner's membership will be part of the discussion at a national SLSA meeting this weekend. <p> Fenner, who was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia last year, is an associate professor at James Cook University's School of Medicine. <p> JCU spokesman Professor Ian Wronski was unavailable for comment yesterday. <p> </blockquote><hr> <p> <table align=right border cellpadding=5 cellspacing=1> <tr> <td align=center bgcolor=white> <font size=-2 face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif" COLOR= blue>HAVE YOU BEEN<br> TO THE NEWSROOM?<br> <A HREF="news.htm">CLICK HERE! </font></A> </td> </tr> </table> <p> <font face="arial, helvetica" size=-1><b> Return to Newsroom at <a href="news4.htm#n-a40j"></a><br> Return to "Spanking Can Be Sexual Abuse" at <a href="101.htm#n-a40j"></a><br> Return to Project NoSpank Table of Contents at <a href=" toc.htm"></a><br> </body></html>