Pediatric Nurse With Fetish For Child Pornography
By Nick Beres, (Nashville)
December 8, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Murfreesboro detectives are looking for victims of a pediatric nurse accused of child pornography.

Police had a warrant to arrest 26-year-old Elliot Lash, but he committed suicide last week.

Lash had only recently begun working as a pediatric nurse for a doctor at the St. Thomas Medical Group in Nashville. That's not the hospital, but a physician-owned facility.

Responding to a tip, detectives had begun investigating Lash for child sex abuse last month.

The criminal warrant said there were: "video tapes of himself with a child. During the duration of the video he removed the child's pants. Then rubbing and spanking the child's behind for 20 minutes."

Detectives did a thorough search of Lash's Murfreesboro home where he lived alone. Detective Tommy Roberts confiscated three computers, several homemade DVDs showing partially naked children and a stack of pornography.

The items led to criminal warrants, but last week Lash killed himself jumping from the 4th floor of the atrium at St. Thomas Medical Offices west.

Despite his death police said the case is not closed.

"If there are other predators he was sharing pictures with we want to find them and expose them for what they are," said Kyle Evans, spokesperson for the Murfreesboro Police Dept.

Detectives do not know if he took photographs of children while on the job as a pediatric nurse. They have sent Lash's computers to the TBI and the images will be scrutinized.

A St. Thomas Medical Group spokesperson said Lash had only worked at the office for six days and that he was never left alone with children. They said they did a background check and Lash came highly recommended.

He did work for several years at other locations in Middle Tennessee as a pediatric nurse. Police will be backtracking looking for more victims.

Lash was separated from his wife. He fathered four children and adopted two others.


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