Sarnia man jailed for sex spankings
By Neil Bowen, Sarnia Observer (Canada), December 6, 2011

A Sarnia man with an obsession for spanking women who 'misbehaved' has been sentenced to 11 months in jail.

Gary William Cameron, 54, pleaded guilty to eight charges including assault, assault causing bodily harm, sexual assault and a court-order violation. He was sentenced Monday in Sarnia court.

The offences occurred between 2009 and April.

Three of the women stayed as boarders at Cameron's home and were struggling to survive on government assistance. When they broke the 'house rules' he subjected them to spankings.

Assistant Crown attorney Randy Evans described it as sexual fetish-type activity, noting Cameron told one woman to, "Put out or get out."

Had the case proceeded to trial, the women's consent would have been an issue, said defence lawyer Ken Marley. However, with the guilty pleas Cameron acknowledged there were times his actions exceeded the consent he'd been given, Marley added.

Some of the spankings left bruises, and one teenager cried following what Cameron described as an "ass-tanning."

Each spanking featured a number of hits that matched the women's ages, and some involved spanking their exposed buttocks.

A fourth victim encountered Cameron through a telephone chatline and agreed to spend a weekend at his home. He spanked her with a slipper.

"I want to apologize to those I have hurt. I never intended to hurt them. It was my intention to help them," Cameron said.

Following his arrest for a 2010 offence, Cameron was released on bail with the condition he not access Internet chatlines.

His criminal record included a prior assault conviction, and his record was considered in a joint submission from Crown and defence lawyers for the 11-month sentence.

The sentence imposed by Justice Mark Hornblower included 173 days served in pre-sentence custody.

It will be followed by two years probation, when Cameron must stay away from the women, as well as telephone and Internet chatlines, except those approved by his probation officer.

He will also be placed on the sexual offender registry for 10 years.


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