Teenager tells of abuse at hands of Lombard man
By Christy Gutowski, Daily Herald (Chicago)
March 12, 2003

A teenager calmly described in court Tuesday the videotaped, sadomasochistic beatings she endured from a Lombard man now facing 15 years in prison at his sentencing hearing.

Daniel Holm was convicted of beating the girl, who was 14 at the time, with a paddle, once even tying her to a pole, during four videotaped attacks in his home at 12 Elizabeth Court.

The girl described the abuse that she endured for two years as Holm, 40, sat only feet away. The girl's biological mother, who supports Holm and has relinquished custody of her daughter, was seated behind him.

"Although Daniel tried to act like a father, he did things to me that no father should ever do," the girl testified. "For nearly two years of my life, I knew no different.

"I can look back now and see that no father should make his daughter strip naked and hurt me the way Daniel did to me."

The teen, who is being raised in a foster home, asked DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Kathryn Creswell to put the defendant in prison for "a long time."

A jury convicted Holm Jan. 9 of child pornography, unlawful restraint and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Prosecutor Michael Reidy is expected to seek the maximum punishment when the sentencing hearing concludes later this month.

Holm maintained the beatings were a form of corporal punishment and not sexual in nature. He was arrested after the teen told a middle-school friend, whose parents contacted police.

The teen also said Holm and her mother had a "master/slave" relationship in which the woman agreed to regular acts of sadism. She often wore a dog collar, a uniform and was struck with a bull whip, court testimony revealed.

Besides the video depicting the teen's beatings, police recovered bags of other pornographic videotapes, whips, chains and various S&M materials in the home. The teen's mother appears in the video in which Holm beats the girl.

Police did not charge the mother, who is not being named to protect her daughter's identity.

The girl testified Tuesday that she has been shuttled to three different foster homes and separated from her younger brother, who is being raised by his biological father. She continues to undergo therapy for the abuse. She accused Holm of "brainwashing" her mother.

"If it weren't for Daniel, I think my mom, my brother and I would still be together," she said. "I pray every night that he will get a sentence long enough to keep him away for a long time. I hope he is sentenced to exactly what he deserves."

Holm's ex-wife also testified. She tearfully said that he often beat her. Holm was never charged with domestic violence. The ex-wife also told the judge he made sexual references to another underage girl who, at the time, lived in their neighborhood.

The sentencing hearing continues March 26, when Holm's attorney, Jeffrey Urdangen, is expected to call witnesses for the defense. Holm has one prior criminal conviction for contributing to the delinquency of a child.


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