High School Athletic Director Accused of Spanking, Fondling Student
WABC-TV New York
April 8, 2003

High School Athletic Director Accused of Spanking, Fondling Student Leonia-WABC, April 8, 2003) A local high school athletic director was in court Tuesday, accused of sexual misconduct with a student. And prosecutors in Leonia fear there may be other victims. Anthony Johnson reports.

Robert Quinn has been at Leonia High School for 14 years. The 49 year-old was arrested at his home on Monday without incident. He is accused of spanking, fondling and giving what prosecutors call 'violent wedgies' to a student at the school.

Quinn, also known as Willie, was accused by 17 year-old Leonia high school student of fondling and spanking the teen numerous times over the past year.

The charges came as a surprise to two seniors at Leonia we spoke with. They say they know the athletic director and admit he has some unusual habits.

Chase Levy, Senior: "He would try to kick him, hit him with a paddle or whatever... But I never heard of anything like wedgies or fondling or... I never heard of him ever laying a hand on any student, never. I still stand by that he never did."

Quinn has been accused of using yardsticks, belts and ropes to spank the student.

John Molinelli, Bergen County Prosecutor: "The student complained that he had been coerced into doing it to the teacher as well. There were incidents where, in a very aggressive and abusive way which did cause injury. The child's jockstrap was grabbed and pulled from behind."

Prosecutors say there as many as 10 other students who may have been victimized by Quinn. The athletic director faces numerous charges, including criminal sexual contact, official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child.


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