Spanking girl excited teacher, court told
By Lloyd Watson, Cumberland Evening News and Star (UK)
July 6, 1983

THE distressed mother of a young girl spanked by a Carlisle teacher claimed that he seemed excited by the beating. The girl was being punished for shop-lifting and had been taken home for it to be administered, Carlisle Crown Court was told. West, 44, of Millgarth, West Woodside, Wigton, head of the lower school at St. Aidan's School, Carlisle, denies various charges involving girl pupils. The mother said she was left with the impression that if the girl was punished by West it would help the police decide to take no further action. “Mr. West said it would hurt and she would be better in her night things," she said. I though that seemed reasonable, but she refused point-blank and said she wasn't getting changed." "He lifted her skirt, then he took a training shoe out of a box," she said. "He hit her with a great deal of force, really hard, almost running at her with his hand right back. "She was all bruised, scarlet and purple, coming up immediately. She discoloured right away. She was upset and I was crying as well. "He didn't seem upset. It felt wrong. He hit her so hard. He seemed excited rather than upset." West had then tried to apply cream to the girl's bottom, but her mother took the tube off him and she applied it instead. He tried to put his arm round my waist, but I didn't want that man near me," said the mother. "I was very upset by then I felt sick." The case continues


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