Fanciful speculation
By By CORINNE ROBERTSHAW (Repeal 43 Committee)
The Globe and Mail, June 11, 2003
Toronto -- The idea that repealing Section 43 of the Criminal Code would lead to prosecution and jail for parents who occasionally use "light corporal punishment, like a slap" is totally unrealistic when compared with prosecutions for other domestic assaults (Spare The Rod -- Or Face Jail? -- June 7).

A 1993 survey by Statistics Canada revealed that only 26 per cent of women assaulted by their domestic partners reported the assault to police. Only 7 per cent resulted in charges and even fewer in conviction and jail.

Unlike children, adult women are able to report these assaults, yet few do. Why, then, should one assume that "light" punishment of a child would be reported -- either by the child or by the child's parent -- let alone followed by prosecution and jail?

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