Mexia ISD puts up the paddles for now
By Bob Wright, Editor Mexia Daily News Online, November 27, 2003

Even before the action by trustees, the there were three campuses which had not been using corporal punishment (paddling).

Following regularly-scheduled meeting action, the Mexia Independent School District got rid of corporal punishment altogether - at least for the time being.

Supt. Charlene Simpson cited today's societal makeup and possible legal liability which could result from administering such punishment. Former litigation measures most likely was one among several factors contributing to the board's decision.

"Corporal punishment is currently allowed in the Student Code of Conduct," Simpson explained. "However, there is a substantial body of research that shows corporal punishment is ineffective in schools. Use of corporal punishment puts the administrators and school board members at risk of liability when it is used," the Superintendent added.

The vote to eliminate corporal punishment was 4-2. Voting for elimination of the punishment were Walter Jackson, Bruce Sawyer, Gordon Lee and Kelly Lauderdale. Casting votes against the motion were Don Corbitt and Roxianne Schuster.

In other action, the board approved the Elementary School Alternative Education Program Student Handbook; rejected acceptance of a bid to sell several lots in the City of Mexia; adopted the 2003-2004 Campus/District Improvement plans, as submitted by Supt. Simpson; and approved a revision to a board policy, which added bus drivers to classifications of employees who receive pay for holidays. The policy covers this situation for school bus drivers, cafeteria, maintenance and custodial employees.

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