CYA fires guards who beat youth CYA fires guards who beat youth
By Lenore Anderson
San Francisco Bay View, October 6, 2004

The California Youth Authority has fired the six guards involved in the vicious beating of two young wards at a CYA facility earlier this year.

A security camera at the facility had caught the beating on video, which made national news throughout April and May. But county and state prosecutors refused to take the case, instead letting these brutal guards go unchallenged and unpunished.

Now, after months of pressure from families, youth, advocates and the media, CYA has fired these guards! They may not be behind bars, but at least these men will no longer get a paycheck for terrorizing young people.

This monumental firing is just one more sign that we are changing the face of juvenile justice in California. In years past, guards abused wards with impunity. Violent guards have been more likely to get promotions than discipline.

Our combined efforts have helped protect California's young people from these brutal guards. We are excited that so many people have stepped up and taken a stand for change, a stand for justice. We are excited that the new reform-oriented CYA leadership is challenging the failing status quo. And we are excited to continue working for change until California has a juvenile justice system we can all be proud of.

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