Policy violation leaves several staffers at one Catholic school without a job
By Ursula Madden
WMCTV.com, February 21, 2005

St. Patrick's Corporal Punishment:

A policy violation left several staffers at one Catholic school without a job. The principal, two teachers and a teachers aide at St. Patrick's School were forced to resigned after a diocese investigation showed the workers violated the zero tolerance policy on corporal punishment. A spokesperson for the diocese says child safety is the Church's first priority. Rev. John Geaney, Memphis Diocese said, "We're standing here in a wonderful playground, and it's designed for the safety of the children, so are our polices, and we have to follow those policies for the safety of the children." The diocese would not say when the corporal punishment took place or how many children were involved. The incident was reported to the Department of Children's Services.

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