Plymouth father cleared of spanking son with belt; Man says he, son have learned lesson
By Patriot Ledger Staff
Patriot Ledger, June 8, 2005

PLYMOUTH - All charges have been dropped against a Plymouth father who was arrested for spanking his son with a belt because of forgotten homework.

Charles S. Enloe, 42, was cleared today on the recommendation of the Plymouth County District Attorney's office.

Enloe agreed not to use corporal punishment on his son in the future.

‘‘I'll discipline my son in the future the same way I always have except for the spanking,'' Enloe said after a hearing today in Plymouth District Court. ‘‘I've grounded him before, taken away video games and TV.

‘‘This has been a lesson for my son and me,'' Enloe said ‘‘In this day and age, parents have to use a great deal of caution in disciplining their children. I was brought up in a much different time.'' [Emphasis added]

The state Department of Social Services cleared Enloe last month. His son continues to live with him.

The boy told police in April that his father hit him with the belt for forgetting his homework, and said he would be hit six times wearing just his underwear if he forgot his homework again, police said.

When the boy told his mother, Diana Dematteo of Sandwich, what had happened, she called police.

Enloe and Dematteo are divorced.

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