City school board to meet today
By Becky Wilkes
Starkville Daily News, June 9, 2005

The Starkville School District Board of Trustees will conduct its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the Greensboro Center.

Items that will be considered are approval of payments/ deposits on activity accounts, payment of bills on other accounts, acceptance of bids for milk, requests to dispose of surplus equipment, and approval to apply for grants.

New business items to be addressed include requests for travel funds for a vocational group to attend a competition in San Diego, California; a request by a parent to release a child to attend another district; payment of dues to the Miss. School Board Association; approval for use of buses for MSU Women's Basketball camp, approval of the 2005-2006 teacher salary, teacher assistant, coaching supplement, and salary supplement scales.

The amended Starkville School District Discipline policy will be voted on at the meeting. Removal of corporal punishment from the policy has been controversial; at present, corporal punishment can only be administered with parental approval. The new policy would ban corporal punishment completely in the school system. [Emphasis added]

Staffing recommendations include two assistant principals at Starkville High school, a drama teacher at SHS, and various other appointments. Resignations and retirements will also be considered, as will change of status and summer school appointments.

A request from Marion Schiefer to pay $50 stipends to staff who attended a training session will be considered, as will her request to pay Rosemary Cuicchi for training and consulting work. Recommendations for Extended Plus Summer Staff will be considered.

The board will meet on June 15 at 1 p.m. at Emerson Family School and will conduct a budget workshop on June 28 at 7 p.m. at the Greensboro Center.

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