Deputy Charged With Injury To A Child, December 15, 2005

An El Paso County Sheriff's deputy is booked on charges of injury to a child.

Federico Titus is accused of spanking his step-daughter earlier this week with enough force to bruise her buttocks.

The arrest affidavit obtained by KFOX says that on Sunday, Titus warned his daughter to quit moving the bag away from her little brother as the two were picking up dog feces or he would spank her.

The 8 year old allegedly defied Titus and he spanked her approximately six times with a belt.

The next day, the affidavit says the little girl was doing homework with Titus when she failed to answer six questions correctly.

Titus allegedly spanked her six times for the six incorrect answers and an additional three times for bringing home three F's.

The affidavit says the victim made an outcry to the school nurse on Tuesday because she couldn't sit down from the pain of her injuries.

A police investigator observed the girl had bruising on her buttocks about three to four inches wide.

Titus was booked Wednesday with bond set at 15-thousand dollars.

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