Anti-corporal punishment training to be started
The Rising Nepal, December 30, 2005

KATHMANDU, Dec. 29: In line with the worldwide objection against the corporal punishment in schools, the National Private and Boarding Schools’ Association Nepal (NPABSAN) is launching anti-corporal punishment training for 800 teachers across the nation in January.

“The training that will be given to 20 master trainers, 300 school principals and 480 teachers of private schools affiliated with the NPABSAN,” said Binod Neupane, member secretary of the Training Committee. “The training will be completed in all the 75 districts by the end of March,” he added.

The private school teachers are frequently drawing flak for committing corporal punishments such as beating by nettle, compelling to eat human excreta, locking up students in latrines and making students stand-up and sit-down for 600 times. The corporal punishments can harm the students psychologically and physically, which is strongly opposed by the experts.

“Keeping these facts in mind, we are providing the training with the cooperation of UNICEF and CVICT,” said Neupane, also president of NPABSAN, Kathmandu district. “CVICT will provide the trainers.” There are about 8,500 private schools in the country. Out of them, more than 3,000 schools are affiliated with the NPABSAN, according to the NPABSAN.

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