Anglican Maori support repeal of Section 59
The Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, May 1, 2007

NEW ZEALAND - Anglican Maori leaders today expressed their support for the repeal of Section 59 of the Crimes Act.“Only people who really hurt children need to fear the new law,” the Venerable Dr Hone Kaa said. “It’s about children who are entitled to the same legal status as everyone else.”

Hitting children is not legal now (under section 12 of the Crimes Act). The only difference is there is currently a defence for parents who really hurt their children.

“We strongly support the creation of a society that is completely free from violence, and it’s simple: adults should not be allowed to hit children” Dr Kaa said. Anglicans are preparing for a march in support of the bill in Wellington tomorrow. “We will be meeting for prayer at S Pauls Cathedral, Wellington at 1.00pm and then marching in silence to Parliament.” “Maori can play a key role in this important social and political development, and the Maori Party is the key to passing this amendment. I urge them to maintain their current position, and support the amendment.”



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