Boy Comes Home With Bruises After School Paddling
Reporter: La'Tasha Givens,, February 11, 2009

The hot button issue of corporal punishment has surfaced again, this time at an elementary school in Bainbridge, Georgia.

The school policy at Potters Street Elementary allows administrators to paddle students with their parents' permission.

Now, a parent says this type of punishment was taken too far. Christina White said her son came home from school and complained that his bottom was hurting from being spanked. When she examined him, she was horrified at what she saw, black and blue bruises. White immediately took him to the hospital and filed a police report.

The Decatur County Schools Superintendent Ralph Jones said "The administrator did not break any policies or procedures by spanking the boy; but we are investigating the matter to determine if better judgment could have been used".

The mother believes he was badly bruised because he was paddled too many times in one day. Superintendent Jones confirmed the boy was paddled three times that particular day.

School officials have met with the family and have apologized, but the school doesn't have plans to discipline the administrator or change any of its' polices.

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