Parents Outraged Over Teacher's Purportedly Excessive Discipline
Erik Runge, (News 4 WOAI), February 13, 2009

(News 4 WOAI)
SAN ANTONIO -- Parents at a Harlandale School District elementary school are outraged that a teacher they say is abusing their children will be allowed to stay in the classroom.

District officials met with the parents behind closed doors Friday afternoon concerning the allegations against a teacher at Gilbert Elementary School.

After the meeting, Parent after parent clamored around News 4 WOAI's cameras to tell their children's stories. All of the stories were similar. The parents claim the pre-K teacher hit their children with rulers and forced them to sit in their own urine and waste for hours.

For several hours, the upset parents pleaded with Harlandale School District administrators to take the teacher from the classroom. Harlandale School District officials said they are investigating, but that no other action has been taken, and she would be allowed to continue teaching.

After learning of the administrators' decision, many parents told News 4 WOAI their kids will not be back at the school on Monday.

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