Mother files abuse complaint against daycare teacher
Reported by: Janet Kwak,, February 12, 2010

SAN ANTONIO -- "When I picked up my daughter from school, she seemed very upset," says one mother who filed a complaint with the Department of Family and Protective Services.

"She kept repeating, '[The teacher] stepped on my fingers when I wouldn't take a nap'," reads the written complaint.

The mom also claims a teacher at the Rainbow Station on East Sonterra held a blanket over her 2-year-old's face for being too loud.

Several teachers and former teachers we talked to also had the same complaints, but none of them wanted to go on camera in fear of losing their jobs.

The mom had talked with the director about these allegations, but her complaints fell on deaf ears.

"I went to every level of management I knew to go to," she explains, "Basically, I was ignored. I was blown off."

She then pulled her child out of the daycare.

Rainbow Station's owner, Jennifer Hrneir, tells us the teacher in question has been with the Rainbow Station for the past three years.

"We do not believe that any mistreatment has occured," says Hrneir in a written statement. "Licensing, of course, is obligated to investigate, and Rainbow Station is fully cooperating with this investigation to make sure no harm came to any child."

The teacher has been placed under administrative leave. News 4 WOAI did a background check and found she has no criminal history.

San Antonio's branch of Rainbow Station, however, has 16 violations with the state. But none of them included child abuse.

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