End of an inhuman practice
By Dr. Ali Ullah, The New Nation, Dhaka, Bangladesh July 22, 2010

End of an inhuman practice

On behalf of the millions of abused Bangladeshi children who suffered the horrors of corporal punishment in school, I would like to thank Sir Frank Peters, lawyer Sarah Hossein and the Bangladesh High Court for the roles they each played in abolishing the inhuman practice.

It's early days yet for rejoicing in the streets from the pupils themselves, they most probably are not even aware of the High Court judgement last Sunday, and it's abuse as per usual in the classrooms as I write, but not for long more.

Although it's been well over 30-years since I last attended school and suffered the humiliation and both physical and mental pain of corporal punishment, unpleasant memories haunt me to this very day.

The decision on Sunday makes me feel proud to be Bangladeshi and indicates we are leaving the dark ages at long last.

Dr. Ali Ullah
Banani, Dhaka


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