Govt bans corporal punishment
Dhaka, Bangladesh,, April 26, 2011

DHAKA: The government has formulated a new guideline banning corporal punishment in educational institutions. The government decision follows a Jan 13 High Court ruling that declared such punishments 'unconstitutional'.

The 'Guideline to Stop Corporal Punishment to Students in Educational Institutions 2011' came into effect on Tuesday through an education ministry circular.

According to the guideline, primary to university, including the madrasas, fall within the ambit of educational institutions.

The circular said teachers found guilty of meting out corporal punishment to students would face measures under Civil Service Rules (discipline and appeal) 1985.

Steps could also be taken under the criminal law, if necessary, it added.

It also defines the 11 types of tortures—both physical and psychological—it seeks to ban.

The banned corporal punishments are to hit students with stick or anything else, throw dusters, chalks or other things, throw students down, pinch or bite, squeeze fingers with pencils in-between, push by the neck, twist ears or force the students to do sit-ups with hands holding the ears, ask to be half-bent with head under bench, table or chair, make them stand on their knees, facing the sun or lie under the sun and forcing them to do anything that is banned by labour laws.

According to the new guideline, to deliver offensive comment or gesture on the students' parents, dynasty, tribe, colour and religion or any action that may have a bad impact on the students' mind will be considered as mental punishment.

It directed the teachers and employees of educational institutes and all those concerned to avoid giving students such punishments.

If anyone's direct or indirect involvement with such incidents is found, steps would be taken against him/her in line with the public servant code of conduct 1979.

The guideline also directed the institute chiefs to take steps for campaign against corporal punishment.

It also asked them to alert the guardians and organise trainings for the teachers.


Corporal punishment is a blot on Bangladeshi society

By Sir Frank Peters, The Independent, Bangladesh, July 4, 2010


An appeal to abolish corporal punishment

By Md. Kolil Ibrahim, The Financial Express, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 20, 2011

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