Mission Statement

The organization PARENTS AND TEACHERS AGAINST VIOLENCE IN EDUCATION takes the position that children should no longer be excluded from the legal protections against assault and battery that apply to adults. Moreover, the defense of children should be more vigorous because they are more vulnerable; because the consequences of their early mistreatment are difficult to reverse; because damaged children tend to grow into damaged adults who are likely to avenge themselves in one way or another. If they will not harm others, then they will likely harm themselves, and they may passively support the mistreatment of children perpetrated by others. Current research in the field of child development overwhelmingly confirms the theory that the earlier and the worse the mistreatment of children, the worse the outcome.

We believe that the information we offer to professionals in the healthcare and educational fields and to parents and other childcare providers by means of our Web site and printed literature can lead the way to a healthier and more peaceful society governed by the principles of nonviolence-based interactions for all.

Board of Trustees, 2011
Laurie A. Couture, M.Ed., LMHC, LCMHC
Al Crowell, MFT
Mitch Hall, MA, MHRS, CYT
Norm Lee
Deana Pollard Sacks, J.D., LL.M.

Founder, Executive Director
Jordan Riak

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