Spanking is sexual harassment
A letter to PTAVE from Richard C.
April 19, 2003
I agree that spanking is sexual harassment. In first and second grade, beginning with my very first day of school, I was paddled almost on a daily basis. I attended a Seventh-day Adventist church school where a school teacher named David D____ would create excuses to paddle me or anyone else. I even watched this guy grab 8th-grade girls' butts in a playful manner. Though it has been a couple of decades now, I can remember vividly him rubbing the paddle on my backside and doing a few practice swings...most of the time in front of class. A girl who attended dropped out because of it and now spends time in and out of jail.

I now have a spanking fetish...of all things....where I am the teacher and I am spanking a female student. Hell...I wonder how that happened? I can't even have a relationship with a woman without it. I have tried about everything to rid myself of this fetish but it is hard-coded into my brain. I am now on Prozac and have trouble with depression and great fits rage. The doctor has told me I will be on this for the rest of my life.

I tried to tell my parents of the incidents, but this pervert teacher was considered a pillar of our church community. So, they still don't believe me. I no longer go to church nor recommend a parent to send their child to a church school, though this problem is not just in church schools.

Please keep up the good work and spread the word that spanking is sexual assault and DOES impact a child's mind for the rest of his or her life.

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