Letter to Project NoSpank from Corine Robertshaw of Repeal 43 Committee
March 11, 2005

Senator Hervieux-Payette's bill to repeal s. 43 passed 2nd reading in the Senate yesterday afternoon and will go to a senate committee for hearings. The attached is an excerpt from Senate. Don't be confused by procedural issues. The bottom line is that a crucial step has been taken but much remains to be done.



Debate on Senate Bill S-21

Bill S-21 passed 2nd reading and was referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs yesterday afternoon. This is what happened:

Sen Cools spoke saying S. 43 "could do with some change...but that repeal would leave millions of parents exposed to crime prosecution." She therefore recorded her "strenuous opposition" to the bill but nevertheless wants it to go to committee where she wants to hear from Murray Straus, Larzelere, and Baumrind. She thinks bill is "well-intentioned..but will not reduce maltreatment or abuse."
Read Senator Hervieux-Payette's Bill S-21

The Deputy Leader of the govt (Rompkey) moved that the bill NOT be read a 2nd time BUT be referred to committee and remain on the order paper for second reading at a later date.

The DL of the Opposition (Stratton) disagreed because bills going to committee w/out 2nd reading "tend to linger there". We support the bill in principle "so why shouldn't we deal with it at 2nd reading?"

Rompkey - I suggested this in consultation with Sen HP, but she will speak

Sen HP - I lack knowledge of procedure and agree with Sen Statton

Sen Kinsella (Leader of Opposition) - Principle of bill is clear and should be dealt with. It should not be sent to committee prior to 2nd reading.

Rompkey - I withdraw my motion and allow question to be voted on.

S-21 referred to committee

Speaker- When shall bill be read 3rd time?

Sen HP - On motion, bill referred to Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

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