Excerpt from "Sexual addiction is beginning to come out of the closet," an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 10, 1995 (BYLINE: Murray Dubin)
He is 61, small, heavy, not particularly noticeable. Barbara, his second wife of 15 years, knows about his addiction and continuing recovery.

"If he's late getting home, I get nervous," she says. "I'm not concerned about him picking up a woman. I'm scared he'll get caught being an exhibitionist."

His father liked spanking him. It was humiliating and ritualistic, with his father always saying the slap of his hand on his son's bottom "sounded like a drum or timpani." His mother, 15 years younger than her husband, kept quiet.

The result: "I've exhibited myself constantly with the attendant fantasy of a punishment scenario."

Spanking is what he sought. In fact, his first arrest was for soliciting two girls to spank him.

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