Facts vs. Opinion: School Corporal Punishment
Compiled by Center for Effective Discipline, www.stophitting.org

The relationship of school corporal punishment to shooting deaths in schools, violence against teachers, school graduation rates and ACT scores, and adult incarceration

The Center for Effective Discipline is frequently asked to respond to statements from pro-paddlers such as the following:

  1. "If we still had paddling, kids wouldn’t be shooting one another in schools."

  2. "Since paddling was taken out of schools, kids have gotten more violent and aggressive toward teachers."

  3. "Since paddling was taken out of schools, kids have gotten lazy and are falling behind in academics."

  4. "If kids were paddled more they wouldn’t end up in jail as adults."

The following research-based evidence compiled by the Center for Effective Discipline (link below) shows that the above statements cannot be supported.

  1. Paddling and School Shootings
    Fact: Studies show significantly more fatal school shootings took place in states that allow corporal punishment in schools.

  2. Paddling and Violence Against Teachers
    Fact: Paddling is declining. Violence against teachers is declining in U.S. public schools. The decline of paddling in U.S. public schools is correlated with a decline in violence against teachers.

  3. Paddling and ACT Scores and Graduation Rates
    Fact: Non-paddling states have higher ACT scores and higher graduation rates.

  4. Paddling and Adult Incarceration
    Fact: School corporal punishment is associated with higher incarceration rates of the adult population. Eight of the top ten paddling states are in the top ten states with the highest incarceration rates.

For detailed documentation, go to: http://www.stophitting.com


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