Get some smarts
July 26, 2005

Mr. Riak, I find it reprehensible that you could be so ignorant yourself as to make unfounded, untrue, blanket statements about ALL of the schools in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana. I agree 100% that too much force was used by the person who admistered the spanking. However, for you to just assume that EVERYONE in DeSoto Parish does this is just plain stupid. This, I promise you is an isolated incident. I have worked in the system for 2 years and have NEVER SEEN THIS HAPPEN. My own mother worked in this system for 22 years and also, NEVER SAW ANYTING REMOTELY LIKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!! To assume that this occurs everyday is pure ignorance on your part. Yes, the parents deserve an apology from the school, but only from the school in my opinion. This particular incident occured on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL or didn't any one tell you that??????? The letter states the child was disciplined for chasing another student that hit him. First, why did the other student hit him? Was he provoked somehow? Second, WHERE was the child running? How many times was he told to stop? No, Mr. Riak neither of these points means that the child deserved the harsh punishment he received. But is does mean that maybe YOU should do a little homework about the situation before you go running your mouth and making the ridiculous accusations. Another point you should know about is that a deputy is NEVER called to a school on such a simple offense. The fact that the deputy was there simply means that something else was going on. No, DeSoto schools don't owe everyone an apology because this is not a recurring theme in our schools. My oldest son has been the recipient of corporal punishment where he attends school, and he FULLY DESERVED the spanking he got!!!!! The person who admistered the punishment did not harm my child. I feel for the parents of the child who was harmed but I think she has gone overboard with her "cause" and I feel that you owe an apology to any one who reads your silly website because you had NO RIGHT to accuse every educator in DeSoto Parish of violence. My husband and I deliberately chose to put our children in a school in DeSoto parish because it has such an excellent record of dicipline in all it's schools. We don't have a large amount of students who break policy or rules. Those who do are usually gotten on school dress code violations. This occurs more often than all other violations combined. As I stated, I work for the school system and know the facts about our dicipline problems. I think if dress code violations are our main problemm we must be doing okay. Why don't you try checking out a story totally before you shoot your own uninformed mouth off next time??? (You seem to think some of us are uninformed.) I hope the mother gets satisfaction from the school involved and from the Asst. Principal and Coach involved in the incident. I also hope that's where it stops. And I hope you get some smarts.

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