By Sunnie, November 23, 2006

My parents were very strict. My father gave me bare bottom spankings with his belt when I was a young girl. This happened at least once a week from age 5. After the spanking I always got 30 minutes of "corner time" with my nose touching the corner, toes to the wall and hands behind my back. If he was not happy how I stood, I had to put my hands on my head so I always made sure my nose touched the wall.

These bare bottom beltings went on till I was 19. Then, the only difference was I was allowed to keep my pants on. It was happening at least twice a week for the slightest thing, like my bedroom being untidy.

It did not matter if visitors were there. When he belted me, he did it in front of everyone, and the same for corner time.

At 13, I said I was too old to be bent over and belted by dad and get corner time. He said, "So you think you are too old, do you? Well we'll see about that." The next thing I knew, my mother had got some adult nappies and rubbers [diapers]. If my dad decided that I needed a spanking, he'd use the belt with my pants, and then my mother then took me to the bedroom and put a nappy on me, and I would do 30 minutes corner time with just a nappy on and a t-shirt or blouse.

This was so humiliating because it still would happened if we had company.

For financial reasons, I could not afford to leave home till I was 19, and right up to the day before I left got these spankings.

The day before I left I had left my shoes in the middle of the floor my dad tripped over them with a cup of tea in his hand. He got his belt and I shouted, "You can't do it anymore, I am leaving tomorrow!" He bent me over the chair and gave me a belting. I got 20 and my bottom was black and blue. I was crying, and mum still put my nappy on, and I did 40 minutes corner time for been cheeky.

To this day I have never forgiven them.



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