Historic Town Meeting
Declares Brookline, Mass.
a "Kids' Safe Zone"
May 26, 2005

Brave little volunteer distributes KIDS' SAFE ZONE stickers at Brookline Town Meeting.

Approved May 26, 2005.
Ron Goldman's Speech to Brookline, Mass. Town Meeting, May 26, 2005
Failed September 2, 2004.
Is your city or town ready to declare itself a KIDS' SAFE ZONE?
Ron Goldman tells you, step by step, how to submit your resolution.

Several letters sent to the Editor of the Boston Herald in response to Mike Barnicle's November 16th article

Inclusion here does not indicate that the letter was actually published in the Boston Herald, only submitted. The following are just a small selection from the many letters we received. Time constraints made it impossible to include them all on this page.

How to write to The Boston Herald: If your last name starts with A-M please send an email letter to letterstotheeditor@bostonherald.com. Email letters do not get published in the paper edition. If your last name ends with the letter N-Z, please send your letter by postal mail to The Boston Herald, One Herald Square, PO Box 55843, Boston MA 02205 for publication in the paper edition.

  1. No spanking allowed (in Brookline), By Monica Deady, Brookline Tab, June 2, 2005

  2. Town vote takes aim at spanking -- Brookline policy frowns on practice, By David Abel, Boston Globe, May 27, 2005

  3. To spank or not to spank, By Stanley Spiegel, Brookline Tab, May 12, 2005

  4. Goldman makes a stir, By Monica Deady, Brookline Tab, January 6, 2005

  5. The ruts on the riverbank, By Jim Conley, Brookline TAB, December 16, 2004

  6. Resolution on corporal punishment: Comments on a close vote, By Ron Goldman, Brookline TAB, December 3, 2004

  7. Brookline rejects measure on spanking; Resolution loses by narrow margin , By David Abel, Globe Staff, Boston Globe, November 18, 2004

  8. Brookline, time to spare the Ron, By Mike Barnicle, Boston Herald, November 16, 2004

  9. Article 16, Ron Goldman's proposal to the Brookline Town Meeting, June 2004.

  10. Corporal punishment of children: Think globally, act locally, By Ron Goldman Brookline Tab, May 26, 2004

  11. Anti-spank measure in Brookline panel's lap, By Thomas Caywood, Boston Herald, June 1, 2004

  12. Brookline man wants his town to pass a resolution that urges parents not to spank their children as punishment., Pam Cross Reports On Proposal, TheBostonChannel.com, June 2, 2004

  13. To spank or not? Let the town vote., By Marie Ewald, Staff Writer, The Christian Science Monitor, June 3, 2004

  14. Brookline rejects measure on spanking; Respect, less force sought in proposal., By Jessica Bennett, Boston Globe, June 4, 2004

  15. Jordan Riak's letter to the Boston Globe, June 5, 2004

  16. Laurie A. Couture's letter to the Boston Globe, June 5, 2004

  17. Shame on TMMs for inaction on spanking article, Letter to the Editor of Brookline Tab from Deborah Malick and Dr. Michael J. Malick, June 9, 2004

  18. Petitioner Ron Goldmman's Report on Resolution Outcome , June 12, 2004

  19. Submit Your Resolution -- Ron Goldman guides you through the steps, June 12, 2004

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