Events in Oakland, California, December '98--March '99

Oakland City Council rejects the revised anti-spanking public awareness campaign (see Draft Resolution--revised Feb. 2, 1999 below) by a 4 to 3 vote. Voting nay: Henry Chang, Jr., Ignacio de la Fuente, John Russo, Dick Spees. Voting aye: Jane Brunner, Nathan Miley, Nancy Nadel.

  1. Spare the Rod…And Spare the Sarcasm, By Margret Schaefer and Raymond Barglow
    The Express, Berkeley, California, April 16, 1999

  2. Draft Resolution--revised February 2, 1999

  3. Resolution--original version

  4. Endorsement from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, January 12, 1999

  5. Selected print media coverage (Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, BBC News, San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters.)

  6. Riak's testimony to the Public Safety Committee, Oakland, California, January 26, 1999

  7. Snide editorial in The Oakland Tribune, January 24, 1999

  8. Carrie A. Minica's reply to Oakland Tribune editorial

  9. Oakland Could Be Butt of More Jokes By Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross, columnists for San Francisco Chronicle

  10. Kenneth Knudsen's letter to the Chronicle in response to the Matier & Ross column

  11. No-Spanking Zone Swatted In Oakland - City Council knocks amended resolution By Chip Johnson, columnist for San Francisco Chronicle, February 11, 1999

  12. Oakland council to take swing at alternative to spanking ban, By Kathleen Kirkwood, February 5, 1999

  13. Hitting close to home: The anti-spanking movement wants parents to try a hands-off approach, By Alison apRoberts, Sacramento Bee Staff Writer, March 13, 1999

  14. City officials reject one-man campaign against spanking, Sacramento Bee article following rejection of the "no-spanking" resolution by the Public Safety Committee.

  15. Selected letters of support for "No Spanking Zone" resolution:

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