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Also see files linked from Reports to Friends, some of which are Riak's writing.

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  1. Plain Talk about Spanking

  2. Abuse in schools is out!

  3. Abuso escolar es anticuado!

  4. Letter to the Editor of the Rockford Register Star re: youth violence, September 10, 2010

  5. Teachers out of their element, April 19, 2009

  6. Reply to a spanker, April 19, 2007

  7. Message to Project NoSpank's List Members re: spanking study, June 30, 2002

  8. Letter to the Missouri Legislature re: House Bill No. 1083, December 26, 2001

  9. Facing Down a Drill Sergeant Dad, December 6, 2001

  10. Letter to a supporter of boot camps and wilderness programs, August 20, 2001

  11. Weasel Words Don't Protect Children--An analysis of Minnesota's pseudo-definition of child abuse, November 2000

  12. Ask Ten Spankers, November 2001, Revised April 2006

  13. Responses to the American Academy of Pediatric's "The Short and Long term Consequences of Corporal Punishment," (Pediatrics Volume 98, No 4, October 1996-Supplement) and Dr. Diana Baumrind's statement quoted in the article These letters were originally sent to the Office for Studies for Moral Development and Character Formation, MORALCHR@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU on May 31, 2000 and June 3, 2000.

  14. Spare the rod and spoil the moral zealot, Correspondence of June 16, 17, & 19, 2000
    A lesson in moral character.

  15. Criticism of E.B.'s letter and Riak's response to the critic, June 27, 2000.

  16. How to Prevent Violent Criminal Behavior in the Next Generation

  17. SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Seeing Schoolchildren as Canned Sardines

  18. Sin of Omission

  19. A skeptical view of the child-fixing industry

  20. DRIVE DRUNK RESPONSIBLY, April 9, 1998

  21. Spanking, Lead Based Paint & Other Familiar Household Toxins
    Written for the Evansville Courier, Feb. 1998.

  22. The Debate on Spanking is Closed
    Revised and expanded version of "Spanking and hitting are perilous," which appeared in The Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, September 1997.

  23. A letter of criticism to Professor Barton D. Schmitt, M.D., F.A.A.P., professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and director of both General Consultative Services and the Pediatric Call Center at the Children's Hospital of Denver, September 22, 1998

  24. If You Chastise Your Wife, Read This
    Originally published on 9/16/95 as "An Open Letter to Northbay Healthcare System and the Editors of Wellspring".

  25. Corporal Punishment in Schools Must End
    From The New York Times, letters column, January 11, 1989.

  26. Cane canned
    From The Torch, 'Letters to the Editor' section, Sydney, New South Wales, Austraila, January 14, 1987.

  27. Sorry, No Sweet Talk for Baby-Shakers
    Two letters--a request to Riak for advice and his reply

  28. An Open Letter to Catholic Educators in Australia and New Zealand
    By Jordan Riak and J. M. Wright, Published in The Catholic Weekly, June 21, 1981, Australia, followed by "MEMO TO STAFF" from Brother McIntosh (who was "not impressed" with PTAVE)--a memorandum from the school administration to the teachers at a Catholic boys' school in a Sydney suburb, April 15, 1981.

  29. Aggressive Denial: Correspondence between Riak and Jill
    I always marvel at how people can, on the one hand, say they disapprove of spanking, but on the other, seem compelled to distance themselves from any effort to stop it. They seem to have an inexhaustible supply of reasons why this is not their issue, why it is not an issue at this time, or in this place, or why other issues must take precedence. I struggle to understand those arguments. Perhaps the spanking debate triggers painful, unresolved guilt about their own feelings and/or behaviors toward children. Perhaps it subjects their loyalty to their parents, who were spankers, to an intolerable test, or threatens to strain fragile social arrangements with family members, friends or colleagues who are, or might be, spankers. Perhaps economic or political considerations compel them to sidestep this thorny issue. This much is certain, and well illustrated, I believe, by this correspondence with Jill: they take the matter personally, as though someone were pushing them toward deep water and their desperation is palpable. Of course, my attempts to enlist the support of such people are doomed from the start. Engaging them at any level in productive dialogue on strategies to curb or end corporal punishment is like trying to coax a jellyfish into a spoon.

  30. Letter of October 27, 1997 to Governor Bush

  31. Where Oh Where Does the Money Go?
    A quick, close-up look at phony child-protection law, wily politicians and how politically-correct campaigns aimed at children's needs spring into existence upon the availability of funding, then vanish just as quickly when the last dollar is spent.

  32. Letter to The Tennessean
    A response to Deborah Mathis' pro-corporal punishment article of August 22, 1997, "Perils of sparing the rod can be ominous."

  33. Parents Ask Advice
    Riak's letter to the President and Mrs. Clinton asking their advice about how to protect one's child from being beaten by a teacher or a school principal. They quickly toss this hot potato to subordinates who, following the example of their betters, toss it to their subordinates, and so on. Read this file for an interesting journey through a modern, real-life equivalent of Alice's Wonderland.

  34. Three Girls and Their Dolls

  35. How to Settle the School Corporal Punishment Controversy
    Overnight, Completely and for All Time

  36. Montana: Three angry letters about abuse in the classroom and its coverup
    1) Riak's letter of September 28, 1989 to Governor Stan Stephens,
    2) Response to Riak from Marc Racicot, Attorney General of Montana and
    3) A threatening letter to Riak from Chronister, Driscol & Moreen, Attorneys at Law, Helena, Montana

  37. Letter to the legislature of Tennessee opposing Senator Pete Springer's SB 2154, a bill designed to make Tennessee safe for child abusers.

  38. Shielding the Perpetrator, Blaming the Victim
    A letter to the Grant Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees about dangerously abusive, illegal practices in their schools.

  39. Letter of Protest--Dover Heights Boys High School, (Australia, 1975)

    Abuse in the classroom -- A letter to the California State Legislature

  40. Bigotry by any other name

  41. Bloody Streets of Oakland

  42. BREAK THE HABIT! (Illustration)

  43. Columbine by any other name

  44. Corporal punishment in Pennsylvania schools

  45. A dangerous message from folks who should know better

  46. A Dark Day for Children in Wyoming

  47. Deadly Restraint

  48. In Defense of an Educator Accused of Child Abuse

  49. Essential Equipment for Mandated Reporters in Paddling States (Illustration)

  50. Fiction and Fact -- Corporal Punishment in Schools, HTML PDF

  51. How to Settle the School Corporal Punishment Controversy Overnight, Completely and for All Time

  52. How to Prevent Violent Criminal Behavior in the Next Generation

  53. If You Chastise Your Wife, Read This

  54. Letter to Masschusetts State Legislators re: H.B 1787, 06/11/05

  55. Letter to the Editor of The Memphis Flyer, "A ban against battering students is decades overdue," 10/15/04

  56. Letter to the Members of the Memphis School Board and Reply to Member Patrice Robinson, 2/25/04

  57. Letter to the Missouri Legislature in support of House Bill No. 1083

  58. Letters to Missouri Rep. Shannon Cooper

  59. Letter to School Board Members in Paddling Districts

  60. Letter to Texas Senator Bivins

  61. Letter to The New York Times, 1/11/89

  62. Letter to The New York Times, 5/3/01

  63. Message to Friends/NoSpankList, 7/27/00 -- Shaken Baby Syndrome: Virginia's 'Minimum Standards' reaches for a new, lower minimum

  64. A Mississippi Gulag

  65. Old Woman in a Shoe (PDF)

  66. On a Personal Matter - Message to Friends

  67. Open Letter to Kim Gandy, President of National Organization for Women (NOW)

  68. Open Letter to California Educators about the use of Forced Exercise as Punishment

  69. Parents Beware -- An urgent warning about residential behavior-modification schools for teenagers

  70. Preparing Schoolchildren for Totalitarianism in the Land of the Free

  71. Rape: Lesson No. 1 (Illustration)

  72. Reply to a Christian conservative who claims to be living proof of spanking's benefits

  73. Respect for human rights begins at home

  74. SCHOOL POLICY - Zero-tolerance for weapons and violence (Illustration)

  75. Schoolchildren's felonious art -- Letter to Florida Atty. Gen. Charlie Crist

  76. School principal Michael Wetton: A career in spanking

  77. A spanking debate, almost -- Message to the NoSpankList, June 26, 2003

  78. Spanking, Sex and Solomon

  79. Sumptuary laws are un-American

  80. Time go get serious

  81. Toxic Schools of Texas

  82. Twenty good reasons to stop a bad practice

  83. Viente razones suficientes para abandonar una practica nociva

  84. A Visit to Goodland -- Understanding Teacher Liability Protection Legislation

  85. Where are the Christians who oppose corporal punishment?

  86. Wyoming legislature commits an anti-child act in broad daylight -- Correspondence re: WY Legislation

  87. Personal scrapbook
    Father steals cane as a protest (260KB graphic)
    HANDS OFF! (226KB graphic)
    California corporal punishment ban support editorial, By Caroline Wean, Vice President and General Manager of KPIX-TV, 1985 (Allow download time for audio.)
    Successfully battled corporal punishment in California (161KB graphic)
    San Ramon Valley Times Clipping(7-3-94): "Opposes spanking in schools and at home;" recent photo--1999 (217 KB and 29KB graphics, respectively)

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