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  1. Acker, Dorothy Cordero School Justice: Punish the Victim -- A letter from a mother to PTAVE
  2. Adams, Cheryl Facing the Past; Breaking the Cycle -- A Message to Project NoSpank
  3. Ad Hoc Committee of Educators for the Advancement of Children's Safety: Solicitation letter to prospective users of KIDS' SAFE ZONE stickers (PDF)
  4. Aitkenhead, Decca: The last resort
  5. __________: Why smacking has no defence
  6. Alvy, Kerby T.: Violence Sets an Example
  7. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Corporal Punishment in Schools -- A Policy Statement
  8. American Academy of Pediatrics: Corporal Punishment in Schools (RE9207)
  9. __________: Guidance for Effective Discipline (RE9740)
  10. __________: Statement on Corporal Punishment in Schools, August 2000
  11. __________: Statement on Spanking
  12. __________: (President Steve Berman's letter to The New York Times) Spare the Child
  13. apRoberts, Alison: Hitting close to home: The anti-spanking movement wants parents to try a hands-off approach
  14. Arlotta, Annamarie How can any child make sense of it?
  15. Armstrong, Mary Katherine: Child Abuse, Shame, Rage and Violence
  16. __________: The Price We Pay for Shaming Little Boys
  17. Arriola, Armelle Vincent: Teen Busting
  18. Asser, Seth: Religious Child Abuse
  19. The Association of Trial Lawyers of America: The Teacher Liability Protection Act: An Unwise and Unnecessary Federal Intrusion
  20. St. Augustine: Reflections of Boyhood Punishments and the Punishers
  21. Bakan, David: The Sins of the Fathers
  22. __________: Slaughter of the Innocents
  23. Baldeosingh, Kevin: Sparing The Rod
  24. Bandura, Albert: Institutionally Sanctioned Violence
  25. Banks, Sydney (Age 12) Why I am home schooling the rest of this year
  26. Barber, Jim: Does spanking work?
  27. Barglow, Raymond and Margret Schaefer: Spare the Rod. . . and Spare the Sarcasm
  28. Barker, Elliott: The Social Causes of Crime - Overview
  29. Bean, Kendall Ross: Can I Trust Them? My Experience of Teen Help / WWASP / ASI / Resource Realizations / "Discovery" Seminar, and Results of Subsequent Research
  30. Beek, J. J. H.: A physician speaks out about his patient's hand injuries resulting from corporal punishment at school
  31. Bennett, Catherine: So, how hard can we hit our children?
  32. Berman, Steve: Response to The New York Times Editorial, "Breaking the Hickory Stick"
  33. Bigelow, Herbert S.: Jose Rizal, Filipino Patriot
  34. Bitensky, Susan: Final straw: To spank or not to spank?
  35. __________: Italy Outlaws Spanking
  36. __________: Spare the Rod, Embrace Our Humanity
  37. Blakey, Evonne "He drew back his hand to hit, but hesitated when he saw the fear in his son's eyes"
  38. Block, Nadine: Lowest achieving Ohio schools quickest with the paddle
  39. Blower, Stephen: Disjointed or Double-Jointed? Corporal Punishment Permitted in Missouri Public Schools vs. Corporal Punishment Prohibited by State Policy
  40. Bluestein, Jane: Spare the Rod!, Chapter 17 of Creating Emotionally Safe Schools.
  41. Bogert, John: State, coaches can offer no alternative to pain, sweat
  42. Bondon, Shirley A.: Past Regional Vice President for Arkansas State PTA responds to PTAVE's Letter About Child Abuse to Selected Arkansans
  43. Bottoms, Bette L.: Religion-related Child Physical Abuse: Characteristics and Psychological Outcomes (PDF)
  44. __________: In The Name of God: A Profile of Religion-Related Child Abuse (PDF)
  45. Boulton, Steve: No brother to me
  46. Boyd, Jr., Ralph F.: Report to Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove
  47. Bradshaw, John: Spanking
  48. Brady, Laura: Children learn what they live
  49. Braiker, Brian: (Interview of Michael Milburn) See No Evil -- A political psychologist explains the roles denial, emotion and childhood punishment play in politics
  50. Brendtro, Larry K.: From Coercive to Strength-Based Intervention: Responding to the Needs of Children in Pain (PDF)
  51. Briody, Pat: Notes From Another Planet
  52. Bronitt, Simon: Indecency Offences
  53. Brown, DeNeen L.: A Good Whuppin'?, Washington Post, September 13, 1998
  54. Brownlee, Sharon: The biology of soul murder -- Fear can harm a child's brain. Is it reversible?
  55. Bush, George W.: Letter to Jordan Riak about corporal punishment in a Texas school
  56. Button, Alan DeWitt: Metaphors of Blood
  57. __________: Good Science, Good Kids
  58. __________: Some Antecedents of Felonious and Delinquent Behavior
  59. California Education Code Section 49001: Corporal Punishment Ban
  60. Campbell, Julia: Hare Krishna Schools Sued--Federal Suit Involves 44 Plaintiffs Alleging Abuse
  61. Caputo, Philip: Afghan Boy Gets Lesson in Manhood, Excerpt from "20 Years of Training for War"
  62. Cassingham, Tanya Coyle: Spanking, Littleton, and Willows
  63. Catalanello, Rebecca: SCHOOL UNIFORM CONTROVERSY -- Parent asks: 'Are you trying to educate or ... humiliate?'
  64. Cassidy, Anne: Is your child at risk? -- The scandal of paddling in school
    Casa by the Sea: A memory that will haunt me forever
  65. Charles, Jeff: Sin, Sex and Spanking School-Aged Children
  66. __________: What Good is School Paddling
  67. Cherry, Arthur: It's time to change 'the American way of discipline'
  68. Chesler, Phyllis: The Psychoanalytic Roots of Islamic Terrorism
  69. Children, Youth & Families Consortium -- University of Minnesota: Parents' Golden Rule
  70. Why do we need full legal reform to end all corporal punishment?
  71. Choi, I. S.: Memories of my schooldays in Korea
  72. Cobbs, Price M. (with William H. Grier): Beating in child-rearing has its psychological roots in slavery (PDF leaflet)
  73. Cohen, Elana P.: Enhancing the Mental Health of Young Children -- How educators can respond to children who have been affected by community violence
  74. Coldrey, Barry: A Mixture of Caring and Corruption: Church Orphanages and Industrial Schools
  75. Coleman, Brenda C.: Study: Do not spank -- Researchers link it directly to antisocial behavior in kids
  76. Colloff, Pamela: Remember the Christian Alamo
  77. Conley, Jim: The ruts on the riverbank
  78. Cooper, Desiree: Violence in, violence out -- James' story
  79. Cooper, Garry: Of Spanking and Race
  80. Couture, Laurie A.: Are Your Children Safe in School? Confronting the Issue of Teachers who Deny Toilet Use
  81. __________: Forced Retention of Bodily Waste: The Most Overlooked Form of Child Maltreatment
  82. __________: Using the Bathroom Is Your Right, Not a Privilege!
  83. Cox, Randy: Response to a Spanker
  84. Crosby, Gary: "Getting It," Chapter Two, Going My Own Way, 1983
  85. Crowell, Al: The Swedish Example -- A Model for Reform
  86. __________:, with Teresa Whitehurst and Debbie Haskins The Nonviolent Christian Parent: Raising Children with Love, Limits and Wisdom
  87. Cutter, Christopher B.: Letter to the Los Angeles Times regarding the death of Nicholaus Contraraz at Arizona Boys Ranch
  88. Daniels, Jack Kyle (with Bobby Gilliam): Coercion, Conformity, and Kids From the Waco Cult
  89. Davis, Richard L.: The Discoverers
  90. Dear Abby: Set Grandma straight
  91. DeMause, Lloyd: Alice Miller as Midwife to History
  92. __________: What the British Can Do To End Child Abuse, A Speech to be given in London on Mar. 27, 2006 for the Winnicott Memorial Lecture at Kings College.
  93. __________: The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust, A speech given on September 28, 2005 at Klagenfurt University, Austria.
  94. __________: The Task for the Future 2000
  95. __________: The Childhood Origins of Terrorism
  96. __________: The Evolution of Childrearing, from The Emotional Life of Nations, Chapter 8
  97. __________: The History of Child Abuse
  98. __________: The link between anti-Semitism and childrearing
  100. Donahue, Jonathan J.: Spanking as sexualized abuse
  101. Doroshow, Joanne (with Emily Gottleib): Federal Immunity for Corporal Punishment -- Why it's a Bad Idea
  102. Douglas, Emily M. (with Murray A. Straus): Corporal Punishment and Dating Violence
  103. Driscoll, Anne: Without exception, kids shouldn't be hit
  104. Duffy, Jim and Robert Scharf: Hitting People Isn't Right A response to the American Academy of Pediatric's "The Short and Long term Consequences of Corporal Punishment."
  105. Dugan, Chris: What Causes Spanking Fetishes? A Testable Model
  106. __________: Would you trust this man alone with your dog? Commentary on James Dobson's treatment of the family pet
  107. Duncan, Carol: They Beat Children, Don't they?
  108. Durrant, Joan E.: The Swedish Ban on Corporal Punishment: Its History and Effects
  109. __________: Child Abuse in Sweden
  110. Dwayne, Dan Fatherly Love (?)
  111. Dworak-Peck, Suzanne: Connections Between School Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse Ignored
  112. Einstein, Albert: Force and Fear Have No Place in Education
  113. Eisler, Riane: The School for Violence -- An interview by Helen Knode
  114. Eisner, Jane: American Rhythms | Let's not be silly as parents
  115. Faber, Adele (with Elaine Mazlish): Experts Speak Out on Punishment
  116. Falk, Herbert A.: Prescription for Reform
  117. __________: Spanking and Mental Health
  118. Fathman, Regina M.: A teacher writes to Ohio Senator Voinovitch about "Teacher Liability Protection"
  119. Fathman, Robert E. 2006 School Corporal Punishment Report Card
  120. __________: Child Abuse in Our Schools
  121. __________: Counseling Spankers - Advice from a family therapist
  122. __________: Letter to Diana Baumrind
  123. __________: Letter to Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  124. __________: Prohibiting corporal punishment beneficial
  125. __________: Would You Hit Grandma?
  126. Faull, Jan: Discipline is a constant, but spanking is never OK
  127. Fenimore, Beth Open Letter to Roy Lessin, Author of Spanking: Why, When, How
  128. Feshbach, Norma and Seymour: Parental and home influences on the development of aggression in children
  129. Field, Tim: An analysis and assessment of "Rape: Lesson No. 1."
  130. Fleiss, Paul M.: Mistaken Approaches to Night Waking
  131. Flekkoy, Malfrid Grude: A ban on corporal punishment
  132. Fortune, Maria M.: 'Christian' Child Abuse
  133. Forward, Susan: Redefining Love, Excerpt from Toxic Parents: Overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life
  134. __________: Why Do Parents Beat Their Kids?
  135. Fournier, Beverly An Experience that Scarred Me
  136. Foster, Henry H. (with Doris Jonas Freed): Bill of Rights for Children
  137. Fromm, Erich: Forward to A. S. Neill's Summerhill
  138. Galvez, Cesar Augusto Un evento que nunca puedo olvidar
  139. Gaspersohn, Shelly Testimony to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice, October 17, 1984
  140. __________: Don't Inflict My Pain on Others
  141. Gerhardt, Sue: Cradle of civilisation --In order to develop a 'social brain', babies need loving one-to-one care
  142. Gerling, Kelly Patrick: Advice to a student who is being abused by teachers
  143. __________: From Adult Rule to Participatory Democracy
  144. Gibson, Ian: Excerpts from The English Vice: Beating, Sex and Shame in Victorian England and After
  145. Gilliam, Bobby (with Jack Kyle Daniels): Coercion, Conformity, and Kids From the Waco Cult
  146. Glazov, Jamie: The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror
  147. __________: Atta's Rage Rooted in Islam's Misogyny
  148. Goddard, Trisha: A Street Scene in Chatswood One Struggles to Forget
  149. Goleman, Daniel: Shame steps out of hiding and into sharper focus
  150. __________: Violence toward women and children: Perverse fantasies said more common
  151. Goldman, Ron: Corporal punishment of children: Think globally, act locally
  152. __________: Petitioner Ron Goldman's Report on Resolution Outcome
  153. __________: Submit Your Resolution -- Ron Goldman guides you through the steps
  154. Gómez, Madeleine Y.: Summit Conference II: National Leaders in the Child and Nonviolence, April 7, 2006
  155. __________: Opening speech to the Summit Conference 2004, National Leaders in The Child and Non-Violence, April 16, 2004, Hartgrove Hospital, Chicago Illinois
  156. __________, with Mitch Hall: The Power of Peace
  157. __________: Changing Violence and Child Abuse: What Can You Do? (PDF)
  158. __________: Cambiando La Violencia y Los Abusos Contra Los Ninos: ¿Que Podemos Hacer? (PDF)
  159. Gordon, Louise: Spanking: A Cruel Retrogressive Habit
  160. Gordon, Thomas: What Every Parent Should Know (PDF)
  161. __________: The Case Against Disciplining Children at Home or in School
  162. __________: How Children Really React to Control
  163. Gorenfeld, John: His Own Private Abu Ghraib
  164. __________: Ambassador de Sade
  165. Gorenfeld, Suzanne Where Did We Go Wrong?
  166. Gottleib, Emily (with Joanne Doroshow): Federal Immunity for Corporal Punishment -- Why it's a Bad Idea
  167. Granju, Katie Allison: Getting wise to "Babywise"
  168. __________: EZZO-FIED!
  169. Gray, Lisa: The Boom Boom Method
  170. Green, Evelyn Polk: CHADD Expresses Outrage Over Abuse 7-Year-Old Experiences at Hands of Teacher
  171. Green, Frederick C.: Corporal Punishment and Child Abuse -- Why do we continue to sanction child abuse in the classroom?
  172. Greven, Philip: Aggression and Delinquency
  173. __________: Aggression and Delinquency (PDF)
  174. __________: Agresión y delincuencia
  175. Grier, William H. (with Price M. Cobbs): Beating in child-rearing has its psychological roots in slavery (PDF leaflet)
  176. Grille, Robin: Parenting for a Peaceful World
  177. __________: RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM: A PARENTING STYLE, Chapter 14 of Parenting for a Peaceful World
  178. __________: CHILD-REARING REFORMS: THE SEEDS OF DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS, Chapter 15 of Parenting for a Peaceful World
    __________: Fundamentalism: A War Against Children
  179. __________ (with Beth Macgregor): 'Good' children -- At what price? The secret cost of shame
  180. __________: Natural Born Bullies
  181. __________: Spare the Rod
  182. __________: What Your Child Remembers -- New discoveries about early memory and how it affects us
  183. Gruen, Arno: A brief psychological explanation for pro-spanking sentiment
  184. Gursky, Daniel: Spare The Child
  185. Gurza, Agustin: Spanking: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone
    Guthrow, John: Correlation between high rates of corporal punishment in schools and social pathologies
  186. Hagebak, Robert W.: Disciplinary Practices in Dallas Contrasted with School Systems with Rules Against Violence Against Children
  187. Halbfinger, David M.: Care of Juvenile Offenders in Mississippi Is Faulted
  188. Hall, Deana (with Stephen A. Kent): Brainwashing and Re-Indoctrination Programs in the Children of God/The Family
  189. Hall, Mitch: Announcement of publication: Peace Quest: Cultivating Peace in a Violent Culture
  190. __________: The Plague of Violence: A preventable epidemic
  191. __________, with Madeleine Y. Gómez: The Power of Peace
  192. __________: Letter to Eastern Arizona Courier
  193. Harrison, Christy: Safe Choices for Troubled Teens
  194. Haskins, Debbie:, with Teresa Whitehurst and Al Crowell The Nonviolent Christian Parent: Raising Children with Love, Limits and Wisdom
  195. Heins, Kathleen M.: Bullied ... by the teacher?
  196. Hembree, Diana: The Tragic Side of Classroom Punishment
  197. __________: Breaking the Hick'ry Stick
  198. Hentoff, Nat: Does Eric Sevareid's Kid Get Hit at School?
  199. Herenkohl, Roy (with M. Jean Russo): Abusive Early Child Rearing and Early Childhood Aggression (Excerpt)
  200. Holm, Leila: Child-spanking as Sexual Abuse
  201. __________: Aga av barn som sexuellt övergrepp
  202. Howitz, Jeannine Ouellette: Spanking--Modern Parents' Dirty Little Secret
  203. Hulin, Rodney Beatings, Rape and Suicide at 17-- The Experience of a Child in a Texas Prison
  204. Human Rights Watch World Report 1998: "It has only happened two times to me"--Conditions in Children's Institutions
  205. Humphrey, Nicholas: What shall we tell the children?
  206. Hunt, Jan: It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child
  207. __________: Child Abuse is Everybody's Business
  208. __________: I was Spanked and I'm Fine!
  209. __________: No debe doler ser un niño
  210. Hyman, Irwin: What spanking does for kids
  211. Irregularity Dot Communique: Protestant Fundamentalism and Support of Corporal Punishment
  212. Jacoby, Susan: Emotional Child Abuse: The Invisible Plague
  213. Johnson, Tom: "Boston Public" confronts issue of sexually motivated paddling in high school
  214. __________: Commentary on the Spanking Club case
  215. __________: The Fallacies of Pro-Spanking Science: a Point-by-Point Rebuttal to the Apologetics of Two Pediatricians
  216. __________: Les Dangers Sexuels de la Fessée
  217. __________: Correspondence with Texas Governor George Bush re: proposed "Teacher Protection Act."
  218. __________: Open letter to Focus on the Family
  219. __________: Paddling: A Legacy of Violence
  220. __________: Los Peligros Sexuales de las Nalgadas a los Niños
  221. __________: Presentation to the Hamilton County Board of Education
  222. __________: Presentation to the Rutherford County Board of Education
  223. __________: Presentation to the Sumner County Board of Education
  224. __________: The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children
  225. __________: The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children (PDF)
  226. __________: Treatment of POW's versus schoolchildren
  227. __________: Statement to the Memphis City Schools Board of Commissioners
  228. Jones, Terry: This Won't Hurt Much
  229. Judd, Alan (with Jill Young Miller): Inside the House of Prayer
  230. Kaplan, Bart: The Historical Development of Love Between Parents and Children
  231. Keeshan, Bob: The Time Is Now--How much longer will our nation wait before joining nearly every other developed nation in banning corporal punishment in schools?
  232. __________: Try Something That Works
    Kent, Stephen A. (with Deana Hall): Brainwashing and Re-Indoctrination Programs in the Children of God/The Family
    Kerr, Colin P.: Children Forgotten
  233. Key, Ellen: Excerpts from The Education of the Child (1909)
  234. Khazzoom, Daniel: A man ahead of his time: Confronting gender inequality and corporal punishment in a school serving the Sephardic community of Baghdad, circa 1925
  235. Killen, Melanie: Effects of spanking--A brief summary
  236. Kimmel, James: Why Do We Hurt Our Children?
  237. Kissinger, Meg: Shower child with attention in 1st year Study finds meeting needs produces a secure, relaxed child once independent
  238. Knode, Helen: The School for Violence -- A conversation with Riane Eisler
  239. Krakauer, Jon: Loving Them to Death: The Story of One Teenager's 'Wilderness Experience'
  240. Labi, Nadya: Want Your Kid to Disappear?
  241. Lally, J. Ronald: Principal source for Meg Kissinger's 'Shower child with attention in 1st year Study finds meeting needs produces a secure, relaxed child once independent'
  242. The Lancet: EDITORIAL, July 17, 2004: It is time to stop putting children second in the UK and USA
  243. Lansing, Mary M.: A Family Therapist Intervenes
  244. Lawrence, Sue and Steve: Our Work Against "The Rod" - A Call to Action
  245. Lawson, Pamela It breaks my heart -- Two letters from a Tennessee mom to Project NoSpank
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  247. Leach, Penelope: Spanking: a shortcut to nowhere
  248. Lee, Norm: A Lesson He'll Never Forget
  249. __________: Norm Lee Comments on "An Achievable Dream Academy"
  250. __________: Step Up to Prevent Hitting -- Norm Lee's Resolution, 2002
  251. Lee, Sharon Shockley: Legitimated Violence in Schools: The Power Behind the Paddle
  252. Leonard, Andrew: Schools of Hard Knocks
  253. Lewis, Dorothy Otnow: Delinquents' Parents Too Harsh, Excerpt from Guilty By Reason of Insanity, 1998.
  254. Lile, Karen: Breaking the Vow of Secrecy: A true story about Teen Help / WWASP
  255. Lindgren, Astrid: Never Violence
  256. Locke, John: Slavish discipline makes a slavish temper (PDF leaflet)
  257. __________: Slavish Discipline
  258. Lombardo, Lucien X. Our Children Don't Deserve to be Beaten
  259. __________: Brief Thoughts on Reading the Works of Alice Miller
  260. Lyons, E.R.: Zero Tolerance for Violence Towards Children
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  263. Maurel, Oliver: La Fessée: 100 questions-réponses sur les châtiments corporels
  264. __________: Letter to The Ombudsman for Children
  265. __________: Science continues to inform--and affirm--the case against spanking
  266. Maurer, Adah: A General Theory of Motivation
  267. __________: All in the Name of the Last Resort: Abuse of Children in American Schools
  268. __________: Corporal Punishment -- Letter to The Houston Chronicle
  269. __________: (With James S. Wallerstein): The Influence of Corporal Punishment on Crime
  270. __________: (with Lesli Taylor): No Vital Organs There, So They Say
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  281. __________: What is Hatred?
  282. __________: Barriers in the Mind
  283. __________: Body and Ethics
  284. __________: Cada golpe es una humillación
  285. __________: The crucial role of an enlightened witness or: Why must the existing law forbidding corporal punishment absolutely include our own children?
  286. __________: The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society
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  289. __________: Lettre ouverte à tous les responsables politiques
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    __________: Time to Ban Physical Punishment of Students in all Schools, May 21, 2010
    __________: Harris County Texas Sends Strong Message to People Who Hit Kids, June 25, 2010
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